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Subsonica retourn with “8”, their new album out october 12th, 2018, and announcing the “European reBoot 2018” their December tour across Europe.

The Turin-based band – that has always had an international influence – will be touring across Europe from December, 4th to December 19th, promoted by Vertigo. Subsonica will perform live on stages in 9 different cities: Amsterdam, London (where they recently mixed the record, with the up-and-comer Marta Salogni, Björk’s latest album sound engineer), Dublin, Zurich, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Berlin, Munich.

Subsonica: Samuel, Max Casacci, Boosta, Ninja and Vicio transformed the sound of Italian music scene since the 90s until today, with an eclecticism that escapes any kind of cliché – returns with a manifesto record and starts again from Europe. With these words, Subsonica explain the journey that is about to start:

“For over 20 years the geography of our sound is Europe. Now that we are restarting the engines for our eighth trip, we want to start – even ideally – from Europe, a great place that continues to widen and narrow its boundaries.
Today our musical Italian essence would have had much fewer elements of confrontation and stimulation if we hadn’t exposed ourselves to the technological and mixed sound of London in the 90s, the German electronic music, the ironic and groovy French funk, the colors of the street parades of Zurich, the unexpected African echoes of the Brussels Matongé right in the heart of Europe, the legendary Amsterdam with the historic Melkveg room and Ireland. It is also a good idea to start again, together once more after a long pause, with the thought of undertaking a real journey. Not just a great series of live concerts”.