Neurosis + Yob + Kowloon Walled City

Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage wurde das Konzert aus dem Festsaal Kreuzberg ins Huxleys hochverlegt. Sämtliche bereits gekauften Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit

Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00
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Neurosis, Yob & Kowloon Walled City

„Descriptors fail in the same way that describing the shock of the sudden or new or subtle grace of magnitude fails. Each and every time. Because words are idea shorthand for experience and experience can only be transmitted, if you’re lucky or unlucky enough to miss it the first time, through comparative measures and means: a nightmare is an unhappy dream, death is like when life stops and the earth calls, and violent change is when everything is no longer the same but hurts because of it.
But here’s a shorthand: NEUROSIS is music. Music in the same way that Wagner is music. Or that it all comes down. Or the graying granite planet we call home is both the cradle and coffin of all desire and hopes and expression forces its way through us and into wires and out of speakers framing a journey from here to there and not back again. Ever. This is a one- way trip.“