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Beginn: 20:00
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Germany 2019
Gluecifer was a key band in the scandinavian rock-wave that swept across Europe 20 years ago. If you weren’t there, or if you’ve been dying to experience this one more time, now is your chance.
2018 saw Gluecifer return to the stage for the first time since 2005. 13 years after they broke up, the band found back together to play some exclusive shows. The reception was overwhelming. In their hometown Oslo, they sold out four shows in no time. The comeback-shows got rave reviews, some said the band sounded better than ever.
Gluecifer started out as a punkrock band in Oslo in 1994. A string of underground releases led to a record deal with the swedish White Jazz label, home of bands like The Hellacopters etc. This led to touring all across Europe, and eventually some tours in the US. From 1997 to 2005 Gluecifer released 5 albums, a string of other releases, and played hundreds of shows.
In 2004 they released their last record „Automatic Thrill“ on Sony Music and SPV. The album became the best-selling record of their career, and was also recognized as an artistic peak. The year after, the band broke up, with a promise never to return to the stage.
Fortunately Gluecifer couldn’t keep that promise, and found back together to play rock once again. In June 2018 at the Azkena-festival in Spain, they played their first show in 13 years. This was followed by some exclusive festival appearances, and a string of sold-out shows in their hometown Oslo.